Our Philosophy

A Family Owned and Operated Kennel

We believe and strive to ensure our dogs have these basic rights:

All animals have the right to fresh food and clean water. Our dogs are fed and watered twice a day. They are not on automatic water and food systems. They enjoy the social interaction of their human friends at every meal time.

We believe all animals have the right to fresh air and sunshine. Our kennels are built into the beautiful wooded hill country in Oklahoma. Our dogs have birds, squirrels, and wildlife to entertain them. We believe the mental stimulation is good for them to view and enjoy the world around them.

We believe animals have the right to freely exercise and play. Each dog has a yard larger than the average city yard. They also have a total of twenty acres to enjoy on lead.

All animals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Our animals are trained with positive reinforcement methods only. No negative training or physical discipline occurs in our kennels. Dogs want to please and love to learn to please their owners.

All animals have the right to love and to have human companionship. Our dogs are played with daily. They take turns enjoying time inside our home. All our dogs are cherished for their unique personalities.

We believe animals should have a purpose - either to be a companion and friend or to be a working partner. We believe animals are a commitment, and the purchase of a pet should not be on a whim.

Our animals are given veterinary check ups and shots. Every puppy who leaves our kennels will have had a minimum of the first puppy shots. As long as a dog is in our care, veterinary care is continued and maintained. We do not give our own shots, nor do we cut our own dewclaws. We leave veterinary medicine to the qualified.